About Us

ZERO.1 is a LiFi technology company based in Dubai, UAE, with an R&D Lab opening in Normandy France – a rapidly growing hub.

We provide companies with business solutions through our hardware and software applications. Our products utilise a new form of technology: LIFI

ZERO.1 is to LIFI what Google is to the internet: popularising & commercialising LIFI with the use of hardware know as Geo Localised Visible Light Communication driver (GEO VLC driver) and software applications.



To become the global leaders in the visible light communication arena, through focusing on the end user experience and creating solutions that allow our clients to benefit commercially and practically. ZERO.1 will be the first SHAS (software/hardware as a service) LIFI enabled company globally.


What is Li-fi?

Li-fi (Light fidelity) is a bi- directional high speed and fully networked wireless communication, and a subset of OWC (optical wireless communication).

ZERO.1’s LIFI technology is in line with international standards as prescribed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE 802.15.7 & 802.157r1).

  1. No radio waves. No electromagnetic smog. No license fees.
  2. LEDs use 80% less energy than traditional light bulbs
  3. Spectrum Crunch -  the mobile phone industry is oversaturating airwaves. LIFI introduces a whole new spectrum for communication.
  4. LIFI connects with THE INTERNET OF THINGS and hyper localised advertising to give more information about their surroundings.
  5. LIFI operates faster than Wi-Fi installed in LED bulbs the LIFI chip modulates light to invisibly transmit data, across a frequency spectrum 10,000 times greater than radio


ZERO.1 brings LIFI to life, providing experiential and management solutions for public, community, industrial, commercial, leisure and home environments through our hardware and software applications. Our products utilise a new form of technology: LIFI

LIFI will change the world, the way we work, play, and manage our daily lives.LIFI wireless technology provides endless possibilities for the Internet of Things, the connection between people and things. ZERO.1™ is at the very heart of this technology. 

Marc Fleschen CEO’s passion for new technology and enquiring mind ensures the team focus on innovative ideas.

Julie Mclaughlan COO’s target driven background and experience provides the team with insight and focus on how the landscape has changed and what is required to provide the right management tools along with ideas on how to enhance the customer journey.

Cedric Mayer CTO’s genius and ability to translate the above into an user friendly product completes the package.

Retail Solution-RETAIL 4U 

Requires ZERO.1’s HALO, Retail 4U App & Cloud Mgmt System. Designed for shopping malls, department stores, supermarket, branded boutiques, airpot duty-free. etc.

Achieving excellence and maintaining a position of number one on the high street is becoming more challenging than ever before. Brands must be clear on their service proposition and be ready to deliver daily. It’s becoming of paramount importance to communicate well with customers on a global basis and provide the information they require to make an informed decision on purchases.

A retail manager wants to guarantee the highest possible return per square meter, and be sure to deliver targeted marketing.  ZERO.1 have designed a solution that focuses on assisting achieve this.

Museum Solution-ART 4U

Requires ZERO.1’s HALO, Art 4U App & Cloud Mgmt System. Designed for museums, art galleries and exhibitions etc.

The systems used to curate objet d’art must be effective, informative, user friendly and give the visitor control of how they plan their route around the museum. The solution ZERO.1 have designed does exactly that and more

Hotel & Resorts Solution-Hotel 4U

Requires ZERO.1’s HALO, Hotel 4U App & Cloud Mgmt System. Designed for hotels, resorts, serviced-apartments etc.

In today’s climate with the range of products available on the market achieving a high occupancy rate, providing a memorable experience and triggering the desire to return can be a challenge for a hotel group. We understand that the guests experience begins when they pack their suitcase. Therefore, we put the guest at the forefront of our hotel solution, considering every opportunity to make their experience positive while providing commercial opportunities to the hotelier.

Smart City Solution-City 1

Requires ZERO.1’s HALO, City1 App & Cloud Mgmt System. Designed for arenas, stadiums, smart cities etc.

Connecting the City and to its people, businesses and services to people, and people to people.

City.1 mobile application (iOS and Android) is a software solution that comes to life with our IOTA street light embedded with our Cyrus card. Merge with our Cloud platform and the City’s street light network becomes the center of city wide communication.

The City 1 mobile application works on IOA and Android platforms. The IOTA street light is embedded with our Cyrus card. Merge with our cloud platform and the city’s streetlight network becomes the center of communication, between the city and its people, businesses and services to people, and people to people.



The Internet of things (IOT) allows for an infinite number of connections between objects (things) and objects, and people and objects.

Li-fi is at the center of the IOT revolution and ZERO.1 is at the center of developing IOT home environment products.

Imagine your home of the future; connected objects like televisions, appliances, and thermostats. Imagine lighting that detects your presence, and software that intuitively learns your habits and routines.

Li-Fi plays a key role in developing opportunities for energy efficiencies.

The environmental impact of energy consumption is well known. We must all play a role in reducing consumption, while sustaining the output needed to support population growth. We must enact radical changes across municipal, industrial, commercial, and home environments.

ZERO.1 is committed to the research and development of sustainable and resilient developments in key areas including, energy optimization, waste management and recovery, smart electric grids, and transport and mobility amongst others. We have developed a range of products aimed at servicing these broad goals

  • HALO GEO VLC driver
  • IOTA streetlight
  • CYRUS electronic card

Our Team


Master’s degree in International Commerce. Natural Entrepreneur, since 2004 in different area, retail with 32 brands, airline company with 24 planes and real estate.

His combined passion for technology, international network and strategic business, make hi the ideal leader of ZERO.1.


Seasoned business development and operations expert. Senior manager with experience of branding, international networking and consultancy for multiple international companies. A combination of experience and expertise will add much value for ZERO.1.

Dr. Cedric MAYER CTO

PHD University of Paris V! and full Professor of French University. He is renowned researcher with more than 60 prestigious international articles and more than 10 patents.

He is widely recognised as a leading authority in LIFI technology. He’s dedicated to developing innovative applications of LIFI and IOT in ZERO.1.

Sandrine GIHR GM

Sandrine has always adapted to meet challenges: be it administrative, legal HR or business development. She has been involved in the development of a French start-up in the field of LIFI. She has experience with large scale technology developments that will prove invaluable to ZERO.1.


PHD in Chemical Engineering and graduate of MIT – he is the Founder of Georgia Aerospace Systems Manufacturing Inc. and serves as its innovators in smart missile technology. He was awarded 7 USA and worldwide patents in fibre optics. In all, he has some 14 patents to his name.